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Paul English is a Managing Member and serves as Corporate Counsel for Ace Title. He joined the company in 2007. Paul has been practicing law in New Hampshire since 2000. Paul has also been a licensed member of the Massachusetts Bar Association since 1999. Paul received his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in 1999.


Alicia Roy is the Closing Coordinator and also an owner of the company.  Alicia received her degree of Paralegal Studies in 2000 from New Hampshire Technical Institute and has been team leader at Ace Title LLC since 2010.




I have signed a contract to buy or sell a house - what now?

If you are the seller, you need to wait to be contacted by the title company handling the transaction. If you are a buyer, you need to work with your realtor and/or loan officer to select a title company. If you are working with Ace Title, we will send a letter, along with a questionnaire, to both buyers and sellers. These questionnaires request information that is necessary in order for us to proceed. If you have not received a letter, please contact us at If you have received one, please fill it out and return to us via mail, fax, or email as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will be working on completing a title search of the property, verifying property tax information with the town, and helping to insure that your closing will take place by the date specified in your purchase and sales agreement.

When can I schedule my closing?

When your lender is ready to close and fund your loan, they will send us a "clear to close." At this point, somebody from our office will contact you to arrange a closing date, time, and location. We can tentatively schedule closings prior to this point, but closing dates are not guaranteed until we have received a clear to close.

What sort of check do I need to bring to closing?

We accept wire transfers, bank, treasurer's, cashier's, or certified checks. We do not accept payment by credit card. Personal checks are acceptable for amounts less than $500.

When should I set up my homeowners insurance?

If you are purchasing a home, you should start getting quotes and setting up your insurance as soon as you have a signed purchase and sales agreement. It often takes an insurance agent a few days to get a policy in place. A lender will not usually clear your loan to close or provide any documents until they have reviewed a satisfactory insurance binder. One of the most common causes of delays in closings is lack of insurance. If you are purchasing a condominium, your homeowner's association provides a policy for the building, although you may still want to purchase a policy to cover the contents of the dwelling.

Can somebody else sign my closing documents on my behalf?

If you wish to close using a power of attorney, arrangements will need to be made in advance to review the document and receive approval from your lender. Not all lenders allow a power of attorney to be used, so mention this as soon as possible if it is something you wish to do. If you do decide to use a power of attorney, Ace Title can prepare one for you at a reasonable rate.

I am selling my house with you and buying a new house with another title company immediately after. How do I handle the funds?

If you have "back to back" closings, there are a couple of options. Ace Title requires good funds at closing, so will the company handling your purchase. We are happy to provide a bank check for you at nominal cost. One issue to be aware of with this option is that we cannot obtain this type of check until the funding for the transaction is in our account - therefore, if you need a bank check, try to avoid scheduling your closing for first thing in the morning. 

Another option is for us to wire the funds directly to the office of the closing attorney handling your purchase, also at nominal cost. To do so we will need written wire instructions, including ABA Routing Number, Account Number, and name on the account. Wires are electronic but not instant. Please allow 1-3 hours for a wire to post to the recipient's account. Please notify us in advance if you wish to have funds wired.

The seller and I agreed we'd like to close earlier than what the purchase and sales agreement specifies. What do we need to do?

The first thing to do is to notify your lender. The closing date can only be moved if their schedule can accommodate it. They may request you to execute an addendum to your purchase and sales agreement. Once your lender has approved the earlier closing date, please notify us so we may plan accordingly.

After we signed the purchase and sales agreement, we agreed to change the sales price, or the seller has agreed to pay a portion of my closing costs. What do we need to do?

The first thing to do is to notify your lender. Adjustments to sales prices or seller paid closing costs may affect many things, including the amount you are allowed to borrow. The lender may also have limits as to how much a seller may contribute towards closing costs. They may request you to execute an addendum to your purchase and sales agreement. Once your lender has approved the changes, please notify us so we may prepare the closing figures accordingly.

I'd like Ace Title to handle my closing - what do I need to do?

Thank you for entrusting us with this important transaction! If you are working with a realtor or lender, please notify them of your choice. They will send us a title request with all the necessary information. If you are not working with a loan officer or realtor, please email us with the relevant details, and we will start the title search process. We will need the names of buyer and seller, property address, and sales price to get started (a copy of the purchase and sales agreement has this information). Please email us your request to begin title work, with the above information, to




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